In Memoriam: Pastor Christian Almezy

Pastor Christian Almezy

1958 – 2015

May he rest in peace.

Pastor Christian Almezy was the driving force behind our endeavors. He had founded our school, and oversaw the entire program –  finding surplus food, builders, building materials. He was our liaison to the maze of government services, and administrator of 7 churches and 6 schools. He coordinated transportation, oversaw the certification of the teachers in the schools, lent assistance to the microloan program, and organized and administered the scholarship program. He was the go-to guy in Ouanaminthe for people seeking resources, connections and information.

On October 23, 2015 our hearts were broken to learn that Pastor Christian, who had been hospitalized in Port-au-Prince with a high fever, died while en route to being medically transported back to the U.S.

Kind and generous people are picking up the pieces, and learning along the way. Pastor Christian’s four sons have taken over support of the Port-au-Prince children’s house. Pastor Edmund  Jean-Baptiste  now oversees the school.

It will never be the same without Pastor Christian, but we continue to be inspired by his life and we will continue his invaluable work for the people of Ouanaminthe, Haiti. Please join us in this endeavor.