Adult Education

In 2010, we started an adult education program to teach adults reading and basic arithmetic. Many, many of the adults of Ouanaminthe have never been to school and can do neither. Ours is a two-year program after which the “graduate” takes a government-run test and receives a certificate of competency. For many adults, this may the only schooling they’ll ever receive. Over the past 4 years, over 250 adults have been taught to read. Right now, the program is suspended for lack of funds to support the teachers’ salaries, but we are planning to re-start in January, pending adequate funding.

Gerard Saint Ilme

Gerard Saint Ilme grew up in a family where no one could read or write.  He is a carpenter, is married and has three children. “When I joined the Adult Education Program people said I couldn’t do it, but I didn’t listen. Now I can read my Bible.”  He encourages other people to join the program, by going around to friends and neighbors encouraging them to attend the program.

Recently, we were contacted by two neighboring towns, Vallieres and Pont-sable, asking us to underwrite adult education programs for them as well.

Each program costs $30 per month to pay the teachers’ salaries. Think of it: for a $30 donation, 40-50 adults can attend school for 2 hours, 5 days per week and learn to read and to do basic arithmetic.

We hope to restore the program soon, as funds become available through donations.